Professional Bi-Fold Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

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Professional Bi-Fold Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

Bi-fold doors as a modern solution

One of the most unusual doors is a bi-fold door. As soon as they start to close, they look like a zigzag and then fold up one by one like pages in a book. This is very convenient if you need to make a large part of the wall transparent and be able to adjust the level of access. In this case, a small passage can be opened, or the whole construction can be opened, which makes two rooms one whole. The price of these doors is higher than the usual ones. If owners miss the need for a small bi-fold door repair, the mistake can cost a lot. 

Common Issues

The main difficulties that can be encountered with a bi-fold door are typical problems for such designs.

Jamming of the halves 

Doors can close poorly and get stuck, forcing more effort to close and more issues in the long run.

Track deterioration 

Special metal rails help the doors move properly. If this gets bent or damaged, difficulties will begin that will require bi-fold door repair. 

Wheel inclination 

Wheels ride on the guide rails and carry part of the door. This can cause disrepair, make unnecessary noise, and offer resistance when moving. Ignoring the need to fix bi-fold doors will lead to further issues. 


For small doors, this is not a big deal, but for large glass doors, it can be fatal. If the balance and position are disturbed, using the door will cause damage to the wheels and tracks and even provoke cracks in the glass. 

Tight hinges 

Parts of the door are connected by hinges, and this needs periodic maintenance or else balance and noise problems will start. 

Worn out latches 

Doors on such models can be locked or fixed in a closed position by special fasteners. Over time, the parts wear out and stop working properly. 

Noise and tightness 

If the doors begin to make noise, or you feel that the air penetrates from the other side, it means that there are some violations in the design. Pay attention to such details and do bi-fold door repair in time to avoid an increased list of problems. 

Repair Solutions 

Almost all problems can be repaired without completely replacing the door. Bi-fold door repair allows you to: 

  • Service all moving parts and mechanisms; 
  • Restore door balance and tightness; 
  • Repair tracks and wheels and, if necessary, fix bi-fold doors; 
  • Carry out full diagnostics and completely fix bi-fold doors; 
  • Restore or replace handles, locks, seals; 
  • Extend the life of the door at least twice; 
  • Glass replacement and frame replacement. 

There is also a list of services that are not typical but are in demand. 

Benefits of Professional Repairs 

A team of experts makes the necessary diagnosis and makes the right decisions. Bi-fold door repair has several benefits: 

  • Installation of quality parts; 
  • Finding hidden problems; 
  • Preventing future problems; 
  • Individual fitting of the door according to the customers' wishes; 
  • Quality services and a justified price for bi-fold door repair. 

It saves you money, your nerves, and your time. 

Why Choose Our Services

To work with these doors, it is not enough to know how to repair classic windows or doors. That is why the ARTAN team has several specialists who work with these models. They have special laser devices and other equipment to make sure that the doors function perfectly after bi-fold door repair.

Give your doors a new life and yourself peace of mind and comfort. 

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In case you need minor repairs, seasonal maintenance, or complete replacement of the structure and elements, you can always rely on the ARTAN. It's just a phone call or e-mail away to have your problem solved in the shortest possible time.

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