Expert Single Hung Window Repair Services in Long Island

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Expert Single Hung Window Repair Services in Long Island

Single hung in almost every home

Well, can there be a house or a small office without a window? Not unless it is an underground bank vault. In all typical cases, homeowners install a single hung window. It is convenient to use, does not take up a lot of space, and lets in a lot of light. Good build quality guarantees coziness and comfort in the room, and the function of opening with several positions allows you to let fresh air into the room. Modern windows are made with a system of protection against thieves. Even if you forget to close the window, it will be protected from intrusion. 

Single-hung windows sometimes fail

Early signs of a serious breakdown will become apparent long before the window fails. This can cause both minor inconveniences and more serious malfunctions that will require fixing single-hung windows.

The window is not opening/closing properly

One of the most popular problems is difficulty opening the window. This makes unnecessary noise. There can also be closing issues. You need a hand push to close it. The area to fix single hung windows can be the handle, the hinges, or the mechanism itself.

Blowing cold

A broken seal means that there will be a draft in the room, and the temperature will be different from the climate in the house. Maintenance or single-hung window repair will be required to get rid of this.

Fogging inside

The disruption of air circulation will create a microclimate that causes excess moisture to form and settle inside. This is a fairly common issue that can appear after a few years of use. A little work by specialists and fix single hung window will successfully eliminate this trouble.

The movable part does not adhere to the frame

After turning the handle to the “close” position, both parts of the window should fit tightly. Sometimes one side is not fully attached. The bolt does not extend or does not reach the end of the track. Most likely, this is a problem with the internal mechanism, and an experienced craftsman is needed for single hung window repair.

Balance problem

The movable part should remain in the set position and should not change without additional force. If the window closes or opens on its own in the “open” mode, it means that the balance is out of balance. Usually, a craftsman will be able to fix a single hung window in less than an hour. 

Breakage of the chain of the mechanism

It is not excluded that, due to brute force or after prolonged use, one of the parts of the internal mechanism can fail. There is nothing critical in this, and the owners will not have to buy a new window. It is enough to work with the master, and after replacing the necessary parts, the single-hung window repair will be completed. 

Repair Solutions for a broken window

A complete replacement of a window is a last resort. Often, the ARTAN craftsmen find successful solutions. These can be:

  • Maintenance and adjustment of moving parts;
  • Replacement of mechanical parts, moving elements, chains, and cords;
  • Replacement of an entire assembly that performs a specific function; 
  • Replacement of the entire moving frame; 
  • Replacement of additional elements such as handles, hinges, latches, and so on. 

These methods are always effective and efficient, which allows you to save window owners unnecessary hassle with single hung window repair. 

Benefits of Professional Repair

Any single hung window repair starts with an examination of the window. The cause of the breakage may be a consequence of a deeper problem. For a comprehensive solution, the craftsmen will examine the entire window and take action that will:

  • Eliminate in-line problems; 
  • Prevent threats with future breakdowns; 
  • Restore all moving mechanisms; 
  • Restore airtightness and energy conservation; 
  • Single-hung window sash repair;
  • Adjust mechanisms and achieve balance; 
  • Make window functioning soft and smooth; 
  • Significantly extend the life of the window. 

Home masters fix single hung window locally, professionals cover them comprehensively. 

Why Choose Our Services

Our trained teams are familiar with the construction of all models and varieties of windows, all types of locks, and their operation. The quality of the replacement parts used will allow the windows to perform longer than the manufacturer's specifications. They will also give valuable advice on how to make the microclimate in the house even better.

Do not neglect the comfort of your home and your comfort. Let the craftsmen put your windows in order so that you can enjoy them for another ten years.

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