Expert Casement Window Repair Services in Long Island

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Expert Casement Window Repair Services in Long Island

Casement Windows as an Improved Way to Ventilate Your Home

Casement windows are an excellent choice for those who like lots of fresh air in the house. The special design of the window helps to create an increased air inflow without unnecessary draft. When it rains, it is less likely that water droplets will fall inside the house. These windows look beautiful, are aesthetically pleasing, and allow great access to the view of the outdoors. 

Common Issues with the Casement Window 

Casement windows have an interesting opening mechanism design and an unusual position of the movable part of the window. But, like any mechanism, it can experience some difficulties in operation. 

  • Loose fitting of the frame parts when closing the casement window; 
  • Wear or breakage of moving elements of the opening mechanism; 
  • Stuck sash in one position without further possibility of movement; 
  • Malfunctions with the locking system; 
  • Depletion of the seal between the glass and the frame of the window; 
  • Drops, fungus, or cracks inside the glass; 
  • Sagging of the movable part of the window, which leads to difficulties in functioning. 

Casement windows are actually very good, and they require a little more attention compared to traditional window types. 

Successful Repair Solutions

The Artan Window Solutions team quite often encounters such problems with our customers, and it is the fault of weather conditions, street dirt, or poor handling of the window. In most cases, we use several ways to repair the window: 

  • Cleaning all moving parts to fix casement window; 
  • Replacing broken or worn-out parts to fix casement window; 
  • Adjusting the sash, hinges, and other parts to improve function; 
  • Replacing the gasket to restore the window's airtightness; 
  • Fixing the casement window lock to ensure security; 
  • Other technical works. 

In most cases, our masters will not remove the sash to perform the necessary actions, but sometimes they need to do so, which would qualitatively perform casement window repair. 

Benefits of Professional Repairs

Casement windows are more expensive than traditional types of windows and should not be trusted to be repaired by beginners. A quality casement window repair by professionals is able to: 

  • Ensure that the window functions properly; 
  • Ensure that the locks are secure and reliable; 
  • Prevent the appearance of other problems that are hidden dangers; 
  • Costs less than a complete replacement of the casement window; 
  • Guarantees savings on utility bills by improving the ability to preserve the climate of the room; 
  • Weak and questionable parts will be completely replaced; 
  • Availability of specialized tools designed for casement window repair. 

Trying to fix casement window on your own may fail and lead to new difficulties, which will only increase the cost of the casement window repair later on. 

Why Choose Our Services

The Artan window solutions  team has completed over a thousand successful casement window repair jobs and is able to provide customers with: 

  • High-efficiency casement window repair; 
  • Complete restoration of functionality; 
  • Safety testing of the casement window; 
  • Quality replacement parts; 
  • Specialty lubricants for the mechanisms of the casement window. 

We know how it works and have the necessary skills and technical equipment to carry out the job successfully. 

Extend the Life of an Old Window or Give a New One to a Casement Window

By working with Artan Window Solutions, you can avoid a whole chain of problems with your casement window. 

  • Let us know if you would like to carry out routine maintenance.
  • Report about an issue. 
  • Tell us if you would like to prepare the new season for the new basement window. 

After communicating with you and hearing your wishes:

  1. Our team will arrive at your convenience; 
  2. Carry out the required and preventive work; 
  3. Provide valuable advice and recommendations; 
  4. Spare you the hassle and effort

Let Artan Window Solutions make your windows great, your utility bills lower, and your home life comfortable and enjoyable.

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