Expert Double-Hung Window Repair Services in Long Island

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Expert Double-Hung Window Repair Services in Long Island

Double-hung Windows need no Introduction

Is it possible nowadays to see a street without a house that does not have double-hung windows? All homeowners have been using this type of window for many years, and even with the advent of more modern types, they are still loyal to it. Double-hung windows are easy to use, have a beautiful design, and are even a cultural element in architecture. Despite the advent of new materials and technologies, the problems with windows remain the same. It's great that we already know how to fix double-hung windows. 

Typical and Unusual Common Issues

It doesn't matter if the window is made of wood or plastic. Nature and weather will still affect it. Exposure to the sun, moisture, and temperature over time leads to a number of difficulties: 

  • The movable part of the window doesn't move well, getting stuck and requiring more effort to move; 
  • The wind rushes through the window frame; 
  • Counterweights stop maintaining balance; 
  • Gaps in the seal;
  • Fungus on the frame; 
  • The movable part is trying to escape from the house. 

That last point sounds ridiculous, but homeowners won't be laughing if they go without. 

Familiar Methods and Repair Solutions

Some of these issues can be temporarily repaired by home handymen. Others will definitely require the intervention of professional Artan Window Solutions craftsmen. Depending on the situation, the solutions may be: 

  • Replacing the depleted sealant and sealing the entire perimeter of the window; 
  • Partial or complete replacement of mechanical elements; 
  • Professional cleaning and correction of double-hung window repair of all moving parts; 
  • Adjustment of the window, restoring balance and tilt angle; 
  • Machining and fitting of the frame and moving parts of double-hung windows; 
  • Restoration of appearance. 

In most cases, owners do not have to resort to a complete replacement of the double-hung window unless the issue is too critical. 

Benefits of Professional Repairs

 Utilizing the services of professionals for good double-hung window repair is an important factor in the serviceability and longevity of windows. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Carrying out double-hung window repair with knowledge and experience;
  • Using quality parts to fix double-hung windows; 
  • Deep cleaning and maintenance to avoid further difficulties; 
  • Restoring easy use after complete double-hung windows repair; 
  • Ensuring airtightness and safety; 
  • Reducing bills through creating the right conditions in the room. 

Homeowners can resolve difficulties once with specialists, or return on their own to do it again and again. 

Why Choose our Services

There are no impossible tasks for the Artan Window Solutions team, and any double-hung windows repair list will be fulfilled. In addition, customers will receive: 

  • Getting the job done on time; 
  • Cleanliness and order in the workplace; 
  • Multiple ways of solving the problem, if available; 
  • Confident double-hung window service; 
  • Use of special tools for specific cases; 
  • Warranty on the work performed. 

Customers get rid of problems and get assurance of proper double-hung window repair and longevity of this. 

Start With Booking and End With the Process Result

As soon as you name the issue with double-hung windows, we will already have several solutions. 

  1. Communicate with the specialist to clarify all conditions and wishes. 
  2. The arrival of a team of craftsmen to correct the situation and fix double-hung windows 
  3. Verification of all actions and consultation with valuable tips on how to operate double-hung windows. 

Stop putting up with the constant howling of the wind in your room and make great efforts to close the window. Let Artan Window Solutions make sure that double-hung windows protect your home from the weather and troublemakers.

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At ARTAN Window works, we guarantee quality and provide a warranty on our work.

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