Professional Wood Window Repairing Services

Revitalize your wood windows with Artan Window Solutions. Our expert repair services on Long Island tackle rot, warping, and water damage, ensuring durability and aesthetics.
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Professional Wood Window Repairing Services

The earliest half of the 20th century's wooden windows are one of the least appreciated elements of architecture. There is no need to purchase a new set of expensive windows if your problem could be solved! 

Wood is a traditional natural material that has always been used by humanity in construction. Its unique properties determine that it is still in high demand. Good solid windows, even if they are old, are unwise to replace with plastic ones. It is much more reasonable to make a high-quality wood window repair.

Windows made of natural material give the interior a cozy atmosphere. The wood has a unique texture and a warm shade, all of which contribute to creating harmony in the room. Such panels have good thermal and sound insulation properties, which helps to reduce heating costs and create a quiet environment in the room.

We specialize in almost all wood window repairs and have been servicing Nassau and partially Suffolk Counties for years!

Why Choose Wooden Windows

There are several basic reasons why wooden panels are best suited for the interior:

Environmentally friendly 

Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material. Even though it is treated with special mixtures to give it durability, according to environmental indicators it is still much safer than plastic.

Excellent thermal insulation specs

In terms of thermal insulation properties, wood will not be surpassed by any artificial material. The low level of thermal conductivity eliminates the possibility of the formation of thermal bridges in the window frames, and consequently, the formation of condensate. Even in winter, the wooden details in the high-quality window remain warm and pleasant to the touch.

Proper air exchange

This material conducts a constant exchange of moisture and air, normalizing the amount of oxygen in the room. It is not for nothing that they say that wooden frames "breathe", maintaining a natural level of humidity. Air exchange occurs through the smallest pores of the wood. Polishes, varnishes, and special solutions currently used for wood processing do not interfere with air exchange.


Wooden panes fit perfectly into any architectural style of the house. It harmonizes with natural stone and brickwork in combination with finishes made of various materials. A wooden panel looks especially harmonious in houses made of glued beams and rounded logs. Natural material combined with various painting methods will give your home a unique and finished look.


Unlike plastic profiles, the construction of a wooden window is more rigid, which makes it possible to produce large panes. Due to the use of glued beams, the wood becomes more stable. Such devices do not lead, do not warp, and they do not change their geometry. According to the designer's idea arched, bay, trapezoids, and panoramic windows can be made.

Common Problems with Wooden Windows

Wooden items have their pros and cons. Here are some of the problems that owners face.

  • Deformation. Such a material is exposed to moisture, sun, and wind. Therefore, windows can deform over time and need window repair.
  • Rotting. The most common problem you may encounter when using wooden windows (or anything made of wood) is rotting. The older the wood gets, the more likely it is to rot, so although wooden windows can last for decades, they can still rot.
  • Insects. Various insects can get into the tree, which destroys the wooden base from the inside. To protect the structure, it is necessary to process the windows with special tools in time.
  • It is not suitable for all rooms. Wooden panes are not recommended to be installed in spaces with high humidity — bathrooms, swimming pools of all sizes, or SPA-centers.

Our Services

Our company offers the following services of the repair a wood window:

  • Frame and sash repair

We repair rotten frames, sills, and sashes to restore the attractiveness and functionality of such wooden structures. To do this, we use the most modern tools and materials from the best manufacturers.

  • Restoration after water damage

We will repair a swollen wooden frame or window sill damaged by water and restore your window to its original appearance. First, we will dry the surface, and assess the degree of damage. Then, we will process the wood, and apply a special composition to the surface.

  • Combating rot and mold

Our specialists use high-tech equipment that allows you to get to the most inaccessible places on windows and frames. Safe compounds for health penetrate the foci and destroy the source of the spread. After the procedure of repairing rotted wood window frame, you will forget about mold and rot on your windows for a long time.

  • Glass unit replacement

We have set up our production workshop and installed professional equipment. Thus, the repair a wood window by replacing a double-glazed pane is inexpensive.

  • Historic window restoration

This is a specialized type of window repair, which is aimed at preserving the original elements and materials of historical windows. To do this, we apply proven methods and materials for the repair and restoration of windows.

  • Painting and exterior updating

We use only high-quality paints and primers to give the surface a smoother and cleaner look that lasts much longer without fading, chipping, or peeling.

Work Process

The repair a wood window process involves cosmetic or major repairs, which include several stages: dismantling the window frame, peeling off old paint, removing damage caused by moisture, putting and leveling the surface, impregnation with drying oil, and applying a fresh layer of paint.

We start working immediately after receiving the order and evaluating the scope of work at the customer's facility. We provide a guarantee for all work performed, as well as for the materials used.

We fix all the conditions in the contract, issue payment receipts, and sign the acts of completed wood window repairing works.

To avoid further Window problems contact Artan Window Solutions and we will handle your window problems!

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  • Announce the exact cost and terms of repair a wood window.

Contact Information and Call for a Master

You can always contact our managers for details about wood window repairing. Here are our contacts and addresses! You are welcome!

13 Glen Ln, Glen Head, NY 11545

Tel: 516-788-8810

[email protected]

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If you need services for window glass replacement, high-quality and prompt restoration of transparency and energy efficiency of windows, entrust the work to ARTAN Window Solutions specialists! You can contact us using these contacts and addresses and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home!

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If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

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If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

Excellent Customer Service

We do our best to make sure our clients receive an exceptional experience with us

Quality Workmanship

With over 8 years of experience, we know how to get the job done right.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to offering our services to customers at a fair and honest price.

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At ARTAN Window works, we guarantee quality and provide a warranty on our work.

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