Professional French Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

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Professional French Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

A French Door Connects Spaces

There is nothing better to let daylight into the house than a French door. This door is made in two halves that are mostly filled with glass and can have the most unusual designs. The French door performs perfectly as a front door, backyard door, patio door, and terrace door. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and freedom at the same time. Homes with this door always look luxurious, elegant, and tasteful in style. 

Little and Big Problems with a French Door 

Like any type of door, French doors start to experience some difficulties in functioning. This is caused by constant use and the difference in weather conditions between the inside of the house and the outside. 

  1. Warping of the door or one of the halves. 
  2. Wear of the door hinges, subsidence of this. 
  3. Difficulty or complete inability to close the lock. 
  4. Difficulties with the door handle. 
  5. Damage to the wood part of the leaf or glass. 
  6. The wood is drying out. 

These are the issues that French door owners most often encounter in their homes. But all of these have long been investigated by the ARTAN team and are no longer a problem in French door repair. 

Different French Door Repair Solutions

Many of these issues and more can be repaired by our experts in a variety of ways. Some of the most requested services include: 

  • Repairing or replacing French door hinges; 
  • Replacement of French door glass; 
  • Repair French door lock and locking elements; 
  • Adjusting the French door position, landing height, and angle; 
  • Fixing French door after natural swelling or drying out of wood; 
  • Seasonal French door maintenance. 

Some customers may require additional services that are not listed but can be performed by our team. 

Benefits of French Doors Professional Repairs 

Some craftsmen try to fix it themselves, using various tips and unsuitable tools. Such attempts can be useful for a short time and often lead to more issues. Therefore, you should seek professional help with French door repair to get the required quality. 

  • Secure door locking; 
  • Soft and comfortable operation of the French door; 
  • No need to prop the halves to keep the door open; 
  • Increased life expectancy of the French door and all parts. 

Proper French door repair will save owners from unnecessary issues and eliminate the likelihood of needing a complete door replacement. 

Why Choose Our Services

Doors, doors, and doors again. That's what the Artan Window Solutions team sees every day, so we know how to fix a French door. We have several priorities in our work: 

  1. Getting French door repair work done quickly and efficiently; 
  2. Taking care of customers' time and costs; 
  3. Using quality materials and good parts for French door repair; 
  4. Availability of specialists that are familiar with French door. 

We have been able to save you from French door difficulties for a long time. 

Booking and Process

If your French door is not opening or closing properly, Artan Window Solutions can help you quickly. 

  1. Report your French door problem. 
  2. Specialists will come to the place of work and carry out all the necessary work. They will also perform preventive measures to avoid future difficulties. 
  3. A responsible person will check if everything is completely fixed. 

You will not have to experience discomfort and inconvenience due to French door issues anymore. Let light and fresh air into your home whenever you want. We will do everything for you. 

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At ARTAN Window works, we guarantee quality and provide a warranty on our work.

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