Screen Repair and Replacement Services

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Screen Repair and Replacement Services

Screen Repair and Replacement Services

Window screens - are they so important? In fact, these are simple elements made of plastic, textile or metal, definitely not to be underestimated. The fact is that such screens bring benefits to our homes.

Such items for houses and apartments come in different types and configurations. But, all of them have the main purpose - to ensure air exchange and prevent insects and rodents from entering the room.  

These window elements are necessary, especially in warm seasons when there are a lot of insects in the house. But they can protect you not only from insects.

Window screens must be maintained in proper condition. If suddenly the screen on your window is damaged or has a hole in it, you should fix or replace it. If you want to find a screen repair and replacement near me, read on.

What kind of window screens are there?

In the past window screens and storm doors were made mainly of steel. Then aluminum mesh became the standard. To date, fiberglass is becoming in great demand.

Solar screens are the latest advance in technology, and many customers prefer them for installation on windows. Solar panel screens are made of polyester with PVC tinting on the outside, which makes them a darker appearance than ordinary window items. This is great for privacy, as well as for energy efficiency, as you can save on air conditioning.

The principle of operation of solar screens is that they reflect the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, so your room does not get too hot, but at the same time they let in enough natural light and air so that you feel in contact with nature and the surrounding elements.

It is also worth paying attention to thinner mesh screens, as they prevent tiny insects, as well as pollen and allergens from entering your home.

Importance of Screen Integrity

Window screens play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable insect-free living environment in our homes. These items work as a barrier for your windows. High-quality screens ensure balanced air exchange, preventing unwanted pests such as mosquitoes from entering the premises. Thanks to window screens, you can maintain good ventilation in your home without compromising safety and hygiene.

The importance of window screens is not limited to insect protection. They also contribute to energy efficiency by providing natural ventilation and reducing the need for artificial cooling systems. 

And this, in turn, reduces your electricity bills. Therefore, investing in high-quality screen repair and replacement is a wise decision for every homeowner.

Moreover, screens have a high attractiveness. Having clean, well-maintained window items can make a good first impression on home buyers. You won't be able to impress again, so when you put your house up for sale, it's recommended to ensure your screens are in perfect condition. You may have a beautiful house inside, but if it is dirty or leaves much to be desired from the outside, you can be sure that it will be hard for you to sell your property or get what you want for it. Thus, take your time to clean or fix screens!

Common Screen Issues

Damaged window screens lose their ability to protect you. When should you think about choosing a service screen repair and replacement near me? Here are the main signs:

  • The faded material from which the grid of your screen is made. Constant exposure to the weather spoils the fabric. In addition, it becomes more vulnerable, which means it needs to be changed.
  • A torn screen. Some decide to sew up the torn screen or tape it up. But it's always a bad idea! The screen will no longer work at 100%. It can also look pretty ugly.
  • Holes on the surface. 
  • Holes can appear due to old age, fading, tears, debris flying into your windows, birds crashing into them, smoke, fire, and forgotten tears. Sealing the hole in the window grid is only a temporary solution.
  • Loss of structural integrity. A sharp displacement of the window screens can cause them to fall out of the frames. If you don't replace them, they will completely fall out, and you will be left without a screen and protection.
  • Deformation. Extreme weather conditions can lead to bending and twisting of window frames. This will also affect the state of the screen. Choose a service window screen repair and replacement near me and all the damage will be fixed.
  • Melting. It is not surprising that the window screens, which are exposed to intense heat day after day, begin to melt. If you notice that the window screen is melting, it's time to replace them using services by screen repair and replacement LONG ISLAND!

Our Screen Repair/Replacement Solutions

We carry out the screen repair and replacement for your individual needs. Our qualified screen installation specialists will quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary work. You are guaranteed to receive the best service. 

Our company has been carrying out such work for many years. We use only high-quality materials for the frame and screen, so your window items will last many years.

To book our screen repair and replacement services, leave a request on our website. The master will contact you promptly and arrive at your home or office at the appointed hour. After discussing all the details, the specialist will describe to you the upcoming work and the final price. Then, we will draw up a contract, and after that, we will start working for you. We give a guarantee for all types of work!

Contact us today to discuss window screen repair and replacement for your home needs.

Types of Window Screen Replacement

We understand that every home is unique, as are its screening needs. Thus, we offer a wide range of interchangeable window types, including:

  • Replacement of standard window items
  • Pet protection items
  • Items for protection from the sun
  • Screens for low visibility

Benefits of Professional Screen Services

Window screens are an important element of your home, so trust their repair or replacement only to professionals. Screen repair and replacement LONG ISLAND prioritize quality and satisfaction of each of our customers. Choosing us, you can count on the following:

  • High-quality materials: We use high-quality materials to ensure the durability of the replaced elements.
  • Professional installation: Our qualified specialists guarantee an accurate and safe screen repair and replacement service, which guarantees the perfect fit of the screens.
  • Customization options for window screen repair and replacement: We offer items of various sizes, materials, and customization options, which allow you to adapt the screens to your requirements.


Window screens may not be the first thing you think about when imagining your home, however they play an important role in maintaining the safety, efficiency and appearance of your property. The weather outside can be unpredictable and harsh. That's why it's so important to make sure your window grilles are in good condition and seek professional repairs to protect your windows and home.

Hiring a qualified professional can also save you time and funds by providing high-quality service for years to come.

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If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

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If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

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