Expert Lift and Slide Door Repair Services in Long Island

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Expert Lift and Slide Door Repair Services in Long Island

Lift and slide door more than just a door 

This door design is very similar to the usual sliding doors. But there can be several types of doors, such as multiple doors sliding together in a train-like fashion. They can also “sit on the rail” for greater tightness and soundproofing. But even such advanced models are not immune to problems. Sometimes these halves need maintenance and lift and slide door repair. 

Typical difficulties with lift and slide doors 

As with all similar models, this moves on rails and therefore has several details that require attention. 

Bad wheel 

Half of the door moves using a special system of rollers. These are made of metal, but dirt or a foreign object can ruin them. The door part will move poorly, get stuck, or stop riding altogether. 

Rail malfunction 

The metal rail is made to be very strong, and it can't be bent by an accidental knock. But there is a type of issue like wear and tear. Over time, the rail gets worn out, small cracks from the wheel form on it, and eventually, this deteriorates. The door stops functioning. 

Lots of noise and air 

Doors are supposed to fit tightly and keep out sounds and air from the other side. However long exposure to microclimate can ruin these barriers, and the sealing system is compromised. This is not a serious problem, and lift and slide door repair can be successful. 

Difficulties with the locking mechanism 

All elements and parts are under stress, and it is not impossible that the lock and latches can break. This could be a slight jamming or a complete failure to function, which would require fix lift and slide door. 

Stability and balance 

After a long period of use, the rails and wheels become worn out. This, in turn, changes the door's position and balance. It may not close well, close on its own, or open completely unnecessarily. But it's a long way from replacing the entire door. A partial lift and slide door repair will fix this. 

Repair Solutions 

Experienced craftsmen can work on even these large doors and will perform the necessary lift and slide door repairs. 

  • Maintenance of all parts and components; 
  • Replacement of wheels and rails for door movement; 
  • Repairing and replacing the locking system; 
  • Restoration of tightness; 
  • Sensitive balance adjustment; 
  • Glass replacement. 

And other lift and slide door repair avenues that customers may need. 

Benefits of Professional Repairs 

A quality repair from professionals is the assurance of a job well done. 

  1. All functions will be restored; 
  2. All requirements will be achieved (like balance and angle); 
  3. All parts will be inspected, repaired or replaced; 
  4. Hidden problems or problems may be detected at an early stage. 

In this way, it allows the door to last a long time and function like new, or even better. 

Why Choose Our Services 

Our team's extensive experience and professionalism allow our craftsmen to work with such large doors with confidence. What's more, there is quality selection and replacement of necessary parts. If necessary, this can be replaced with a non-standard one that will work better. This is not a replacement of just the specified part; it is a repair of the entire assembly and a complete lift and slide door repair to all standards. 

Don't let your lift and slide door become unusable; save and repair it now. 

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The ARTAN Window Solutions' commitment understands perfectly what goals need to be achieved. All you have to do is voice your issue or request for us to provide a ready-made or custom solution. A phone call, email, or feedback form on the website will be the first step to productive cooperation. 

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