Expert Multislide Door Repair Services in Long Island

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Expert Multislide Door Repair Services in Long Island

Multislide door as an element of luxury and convenience

A wonderful multislide door is a wonderful addition to a patio, terrace, or access to a swimming pool. It is an interesting solution to quickly access space, to increase or limit the square meters, or to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. Such doors were used in the last century, but now it has received several technical changes to make everything look great. Smooth running door, auto-closer, hold-down position, and even weatherproofing. But along with this, sometimes some difficulties require the intervention of a specialist to carry out multi-slide door repair. 

A few common Multislide door breakdowns

As much as owners may not like it, doors sometimes fail, and here are a few common causes of inconvenience. 

Track problems 

The special guide tracks can become coated with a layer of dirt, be affected by corrosion, or accidentally be bumped or bent. This will impact the door opening process from a slight inconvenience to a complete stop. It is worth fixing multislide door, and everything will work as before. 

Roller misalignment 

All small parts are subject to a lot of stress, and it is not excluded that they will change their position or receive minor damage. All this will lead to difficulties in operating the door. A little maintenance and local multislide door repair will renew everything. 


It's not the space shuttle, but doors also provide airtightness. Air from the room shouldn't escape, and water shouldn't come in from the street. But when seals need repair, this can happen. You shouldn't try to plug the gaps with something on your own, or the difficulties for multislide door repair will become greater. 

Bad friction 

All moving parts and mechanisms have a special layer of lubricant to ensure proper sliding. Different weather conditions deplete this, and over time it needs to be reapplied. 

Locks do not match 

The locking mechanism of the door keeps the home safe from intruders. If there is something wrong with the locks, you need to fix multislide door sooner rather than later. The reason may be the lock itself. It is also possible that the lock has failed due to the misalignment of the entire door. 

Loosened frame

Strong winds and the heavy weight of the structure will eventually loosen the frame. A little maintenance in the form of multislide door alignment and strengthening of the elements will help to avoid many other problems. 

Repair Solutions

The list of problems described above is very common for doors that have been in service for some time. It all depends on the conditions and intensity of use. But in most cases, there are several solutions:

  • Maintenance and readjustment of moving mechanisms; 
  • Repair or replacement of damaged parts; 
  • Repair or replacement of the entire damaged mechanism; 
  • Multislide door alignment; 
  • Glass replacement.

This will help to restore door function and make a successful multislide door repair. 

Benefits of Expert Repairs

Amateurs and amateurs can handle a particular item, but a professional can: 

  • Make a small fix multislide door; 
  • Perform a complete multislide door repair; 
  • Extend the life of the door; 
  • Eliminate noise and restore smooth operation; 
  • Restore security and tightness; 
  • Provide additional maintenance services; 
  • Safeguard against future issues. 

And that's just a fraction of what the professionals can do.

Why Choose Our Services

There are no one-size-fits-all craftsmen, so the ARTAN team has experts for all assemblies and mechanisms, door models, and operating conditions. Don't wait until it's destroyed. 

Carry out a minor or major fix multislide door and enjoy the atmosphere in your home and place. 

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