Glass Replacement

Whether it's replacing an old insulated glass unit, single pane or multiple pane glasses, Artan Window Works is your window expert professionals.
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Glass Replacement

ARTAN Window Solutions is your window expert in broken or old insulated glass renewal as well as in glass issues solvation

There are several types of window glass in US houses and buildings:

  • Single Shatterproof (annealed) Glass
  • Single Laminated Glass
  • Energy-saving/Low-E Glass
  • Blacked-out windows Glass
  • Double/Tripple Pane Glass well - known as IGU(insulated glass unit) 

ARTAN Window Works is here to explain the dissimilarity between them!

Single Shatterproof  Glass is also known as a annealed glass. It has softer glass. If someone is interested in technology it’s the following: first, they thermally treated and then cooled to relieve internal stresses introduced during the manufacturing process. For most glass products, the annealing temperature falls between 850 °F and 900 °F, which is the stress-relief point of the glass. Then, the pieces heat-soak until the temperature is consistent throughout and the stress relaxation is adequate.

Laminated glass is made by pasting PVB (polyvinyl butyral) resin glue film between two or more pieces of glass sheet, then heating, pressing and bonding them together to create flat or curved compound glass product. 

It is safe to people even it is broken. Hit by a heavy ball, it is likely to break into fragments, but the whole block of glass retains consistent, and its debris and small sharp fragments keep binding with the glue film in the middle

To create tempered glass, the material is first cut to size. Next, an abrasive, such as sandpaper, is used to smooth sharp edges. The glass then goes through a tempering oven heated to over 1,100 °F. After heating, the material undergoes a few seconds of a high-pressure cooling procedure called quenching, in which air hits the surface of the glass from multiple nozzles in multiple positions.

Tempered glass can also be created through the exchange of ions by various chemicals on the glass surface, causing compression. This process is more expensive, however, and therefore not used very often. When tempered glass shatters, it breaks into small, square pieces, making it much less likely to cause injury than annealed glass.

Layered Glass is designed not only to be safe. It’s been created by uniting two adhering pieces of annealed glass with the help of vinyl. It helps to keep the bits of broken or impaled glass together.

Energy-saving windows are designed for ultraviolet and infrared light minimization without reduce of the amount of visible light that is transmitted. Some windows of a kind mirror large amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy. In winter they make it possible to save heat inside the building, reducing the battery heat loss through the glass.

Tinted Glass refers to any glass that has been covered with a material such as a film or coating, which reduces the transfer of light through it. Glass can be tinted with various types of coating, which block and/or reflect different amounts and types of light, according to the needs and preferences of the consumer.

Double Pane Glass (DPG) or usually referred as insulated glass. They are windows with double or triple panes that range from 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch thick. The panes are divided by a spacer and sealed to prevent condensation growth, and they are can be filled with argon gas as well for better insulation purposes. 

There is an easy way to know whether your glass is single, double or triple-pane: just use your lighter in front of the glass and count how many fire reflections do you see. If you see only one – it’s a single pane, two-double pane, three-triple pane glass.. 

Here is the list of householders common problems:

-Broken Glass.

Solvation: if the frame is still in a good condition, we recommend glass replacement.

-Moisture(condensation or fog) in between the glass panels.

Solvation: If the moisture was noticed recently, we can do a defogging procedure that is a cheaper version of glass replacement; but if it happened a while ago we can just replace the glass for you;

Window seal failures

A Window that has seal failures will show discoloration/condensation forming between the panes. This can decrease the cost of your house and increase your energy bills. Replacing the glass is what you need!

ARTAN  Window Works is your experienced team that works with all common types of glass and will be honored to provide an exceptional service placing the new glass for your windows!

We save people’s money!

It’s no need in replacing the whole window if you have broken glass, let us fix it for you!

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We’ll make your view clear and energy-saving( thermal efficient) again

We replace glass on:

  • Vinyl Windows
  • Metal Windows
  • Wood Windows
  • Patio doors
  • Storefronts
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Tempered Windows
  • Single-pane Windows
  • Historical Windows


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