Glass Replacement Solutions for Every Need

Upgrade your windows with our glass replacement services at Artan Window Solutions. From broken panes to modern upgrades, we cover all your needs on Long Island
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Glass Replacement Solutions for Every Need

Regardless of whether you encounter significant problems or minor failures, the consultation of our specialist is free of charge – just contact us by phone or email.

ARTAN Window Solutions company is located on Long Island. We have been repairing windows for more than 8 years. 

If you need to find a glass replacement near me, apply to us. We have developed exceptional solutions to achieve high results in expert glass repair. We maintain windows in Nassau and most of Suffolk County. We have hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our company specializes in glass replacement, repairing and updating broken or old double-glazed windows for your home or office. Our team consists of specialists with extensive experience.

We will give your window-panes a new chance, and you will understand that there is no point in changing them. It is enough to make a high-quality glass window replacement and use it for many more years!

Understanding Different Types of Window Glass

There are several types of windows found in U.S. homes and structures. These are the following options:  

  • Single-layer unbreakable (annealed)

The term "annealing" is mainly used to describe the cooling process. The annealing process, performed by highly qualified specialists using precise and efficient equipment, increases the durability and helps reduce internal stresses that can lead to breakage. 

This type can be cut and polished, custom-made and drilled to create a variety of products, including cabinet doors.

  • Single laminated glass

This material consists of individual sheets, usually having a thickness of about 1.5 to 3.2 mm. Laminated glass is a type of safety material with thin polymer layers, which prevent windows from breaking into large sharp fragments.

  • Energy-saving/low-emission type

This is an energy-saving material designed to prevent heat from escaping through your windows to the cold outside. Such glass has an invisible coating that significantly reduces heat transfer and reflects internal heat back into your room.

  • Darkened panes

It brings originality and a beautiful appearance to the double-glazed window. It reduces light transmission without affecting other properties of the window. Such protection from sunlight prevents overheating of the room in the heat, fading of furniture and wallpaper, and eliminates the discomfort of glare.

  • Double-glazed/triple glazed (IGU).

Thermal insulation type (IG) consists of two or more panes separated by a gap to reduce heat transfer through part of the building's enclosing structure.

Common Household Glass Problems and Solutions

Below are some of the most common problems and their solutions:

  • Condensation formation

Most often, condensate is formed due to improper air exchange in the room. Do not waste time and contact the glass replacement near me to eliminate condensation. Our specialists will install a special locking mechanism that is mounted on all types of windows.

  • Leaking windows

Besides the fact that your windows are not easy to close, loosely closing panes can also be a problem. To avoid it, you need to check the frame for debris or other elements that prevent the pane from closing tightly. Artan specialists will diagnose and repair everything you need. 

  • Tinted glass windows

Due to seasonal changes, leaks will begin to appear in your panes. This is a sign that your seals have worn out or need to be replaced. If the protective film peels off or several pieces are missing, call our technician to have them replaced. 

  • Broken glass windows

Broken panes pose a threat not only to children, but also to the safety of your family or business. We will help you to fix this problem by performing glass replacement.

Why Choose ARTAN Window Works

Our company has already implemented thousands of successful projects. Today, Artan provides you with the opportunity to meet your needs within your budget and perfectly complement your lifestyle. With us, you get these benefits:

  • Courteous and knowledgeable customer service

We pay special attention to ensuring that customers have an exceptional experience working with us.

  • High production quality

With more than 8 years of experience, we know how to do the job properly.

  • Affordable prices

We strive to offer our window glass replacement services to customers at a fair price.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. Today you can order the following types of work from us:

  • Windows adjustment. This helps to return windows to initial working state, avoiding defects occurred when installation. 
  • Wooden panel repair. You no longer need to buy a new panel or replace an old one. Entrust the window repair work to us! Repairs include removings old sashes, painting windows and restoring rotten or weak wood.
  • Glass Replacement. There is no need to replace the entire panel, let us fix it! Artan Window Solutions is your experienced helper working with all common types of materials. We will be happy to provide an exceptional window glass replacement service for you!
  • Repair of the window mechanism. The fittings and details of the mechanism in the windows are among the most expensive design elements. Any mistakes in the replacement process will cost you very dearly in the future. Therefore, always contact specialists. Our team will be happy to help you with this.
  • Window Reglazing. Reglazing is a replacement that will help you save money in the future. For example, if cracks appear on your pane, dry patches of putty separating from the glass and frame, - this is the best time to reglaze the windows.
  • Screens repair and replacing. Given screens are commonly made of special fabrics, and if a hole or any other defect appears on them, they will lose their usefulness. The repair will be inexpensive, but it will help you a lot. In case you need, we will do this work quickly and efficiently.
  • Glass cutting. If you want to install a custom-sized item for your closet, countertop or garage, we will help you with this. Our specialists will cut ordinary items in a matter of minutes!
  • Recaulking. Window caulking is performed to reinforce the sealant covering the gaps between the window and their frames. Though it may sound simple enough, the process can be a bit complicated and requires the assistance of expert window installers to ensure it’s done properly.  We guarantee that our team will provide you with exceptional service and your windows will last you for many years.

The Process: How We Work

The window glass replacement work process is standard. Everything is clear and transparent for our customers. Our clients can call for a free estimate and qualified assistance available for the next replacement project. Also, customers can apply directly on our website. The work process goes like this:

  • Leave a request on the website.
  • Get advice from the manager.
  • The master of the window glass replacement near me comes to measure and calculate the cost for free.
  • If you are satisfied with the cost and conditions, sign a contract and, if necessary, arrange an installment payment.
  • We deliver the products and make the glass window replacement at a convenient time for you.

Contact Us

If you need services for window glass replacement, high-quality and prompt restoration of transparency and energy efficiency of windows, entrust the work to ARTAN Window Solutions specialists! You can contact us using these contacts and addresses:

13 Glen Ln, Glen Head, NY 11545

[email protected]


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If you need services for window glass replacement, high-quality and prompt restoration of transparency and energy efficiency of windows, entrust the work to ARTAN Window Solutions specialists! You can contact us using these contacts and addresses and our specialist will estimate the condition of your windows, will take measurements and prepare a cost calculation right at your home!

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If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

Why Choose Us

If you need high-quality restoration of wooden windows or repairing rotten wood window frames, we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result! Here are our benefits

Excellent Customer Service

We do our best to make sure our clients receive an exceptional experience with us

Quality Workmanship

With over 8 years of experience, we know how to get the job done right.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to offering our services to customers at a fair and honest price.

Our Works

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At ARTAN Window works, we guarantee quality and provide a warranty on our work.

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