Professional Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

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Professional Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Long Island

Sliding doors provide comfort and space

Doors that can slide to the side instead of opening like traditional doors are very popular. Connoisseurs of these designs have found superiority in saving space because there is no need for extra space for the opening angle. It can also be mirrored or glassed completely. It always looks aesthetically pleasing and modern. But sometimes some difficulties force users to do sliding door repairs. 

What can go wrong?

Typical sliding door failures are caused by rough handling, poor-quality parts, or a lack of maintenance.

Bending and damage to the track

The door is driven on a special track by wheels. Damage and bending of this rail will cause the door to jam, rattle, or not operate properly at all. 

Damage or misalignment of the wheels

Special rollers run along the track and guide the door in the right direction. If a roller fails or changes angle, it will cause the door to jam or shift completely.

Cracked glass

A bump on the glass, a broken track, or a damaged wheel can cause cracks to appear in the door glass. The situation can worsen, and this can break even harder or even crumble. This is a direct threat to the safety and health of the occupants.

Bad lock 

This problem is especially relevant if the sliding door leads to the backyard or terrace. Thieves can easily break. It will also be a nuisance if users are unable to get inside or simply leave the room. 

Unnecessary noise 

This is not a breakage. But it makes residents uncomfortable and can be an indication that there is about to be a larger malfunction in some mechanism.

Moisture ingress 

Sliding doors can let rainfall inside the room, or some moisture can remain inside the mechanisms. Unpleasant odors and mold are just the beginning of the issues. The tracks and rollers will jam further. 

These are the most common difficulties that can be associated with sliding doors. 

Repair Solutions

Most of the issues described have a solution without completely replacing the door. Often, the situation can be corrected by:

  • Fix sliding door by repairing the damaged part (bent wheel, track); 
  • Sliding door repair by replacing a broken part or moving mechanism; 
  • Checking and correcting tightness difficulties for the exterior fix sliding door; 
  • Maintenance to prevent the need for sliding door repair in the future. 

These problems and others are already familiar to ARTAN specialists, and they know. How to fix it. Unfortunately, cracked windows require glass replacement.

Benefits of Timely Repairs

Quality service and professional sliding door repair has several benefits.

  1. A full inspection will help detect and fix sliding door hidden faults. 
  2. A comprehensive sliding door repair restores the full functionality of the door. 
  3. Lock security will be achieved. 
  4. Drafts and leaks are eliminated. 
  5. The service life of the door is extended many times over. 
  6. Adjustment of the sliding mechanisms will protect the parts from intensive wear and tear. 

The process of sliding door repair is always cheaper and more reliable because users will know for sure that everything is in order. A small fix sliding door saves money and eliminates the hassle.

Why Choose Our Services

Our teams have fixed over 1000 sliding doors and can even tell what the problem is by the sound. We use good parts to fix sliding doors so that it doesn't become a big issue.

Get rid of unnecessary rattling and rest assured that the lock is working properly, and the rain won't end up indoors. Let our experts adjust the mechanisms before it goes bad.

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Doors move on rails, and ARTAN Window Solutions' commitment moves right to you after a simple phone call or e-mail. Send some information to us in advance via the form on the website, and we'll be ready to help. 

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