Window Woes? No Problem! Save Money with Our Window Hardware Repair/Replacement Services!

Window Woes? No Problem! Save Money with Our Window Hardware Repair/Replacement Services!

Most window hardware can be repaired or replaced, eliminating the need to replace the entire window!

Here are some common problems:

*Your window won't stay up? We've got you covered! The common issue in this case is broken balances (mechanisms on the sides of your window).

We can definitely replace or repair them.

  • The window is not rolling in/out? Leave it to us, we know exactly what the problem is! In this case, the window needs operator repair/replacement.
  • The window seems like it's falling out? There must be a hinge issue that needs repair/replacement.
  • Patio door doesn’t seem to slide very well or doesn’t slide at all? Don’t worry! In most cases, it needs new rollers or simply lubrication.
  • Do you think your window is hard to open? We can try to help you here! It might be a slight frame settlement causing the problem. We can definitely try to adjust your window and see if it helps.
  • Your window doesn’t lock? Please give us an opportunity to fix this issue. We can replace the lock in no time!

Services we provide:

  • Balancer repair/replacement
  • Hinge repair/replacement
  • Pivot pins, shoes, and lock replacement
  • Operator mechanism repair/replacement
  • Patio roller replacement
  • Window lubrication, adjustment

And more!"

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