The Advantages of Plastic Window Replacements for Historical Buildings

The Advantages of Plastic Window Replacements for Historical Buildings

It often happens, that in buildings with a historical facade there are wooden windows, and as you know, the wood is worn out over the years, damp and moisture deform it and the window starts to pass cold air and loses its qualities.

Plastic windows have a more advanced functional design than wooden products. They can be mounted in any, even the most unconventional, apertures. The mounting of a plastic window does not destroy the window block or affect its quality. The double-glazed units shall prevent the release of heat from the room. There are no openings or gaps in the aperture, all resulting irregularities are immediately filled with mounting foam. In addition, there is no rotting element in the plastic window. Over time, if necessary, fittings and individual minor components of metal-plastic windows are replaced. But also the advantages of modern windows disappear when even a small crack appears. In this case, the replacement of double-glazed units in plastic and aluminum windows and doors will help to restore the original operational quality. To do this job,  one must possess skills and experience.

There are several factors influencing the final cost of replacing damaged or broken glass panes. This is:

  • The dimensions of the glass panes, since plastic window panes are not only made in standard dimensions;
  • The width of the double-glazed unit, which varies according to the number of compartments;
  • type of glass - it can be ordinary, reinforced, tempered, armored, anti-impact, etc.;
  • Installation difficulty (access to the plastic window);
  • Delivery distance of the finished glazing unit;
  • other conditions.

But in any case, it will cost much less to replace plastic glazing than to order and install a new window. And our team of professionals will gladly help you.

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